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HR Management Software (HRMS)

KOKA HCM solution is a truly global tool covering the entire HR function, right from hire to retire.

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How KOKA HRMS provide solutions?

KOKA HRMS cloud computing HCM software is designed and developed using cutting edge technology which will ease the complex and challenging function of HR executives.

HR Task Management

Challenges - Managing different HR tasks with different software.
Solutions - Single HCM platform for all HR tasks.

Value time & cost

Challenges - HR Management takes up a lot of your time and cost.
Solutions - Reduces HR time and

Convenience of location

Challenges -Difficulty in managing employees across multiple locations.
Solutions - Easy management of employees across different locations.

HR Compliances

Challenges - Having a tough time keeping up with complex HR compliances.
Solutions - Regular compliances updates in-built in the system.

HR Solutions


Recruitment Solutions

KOKA HRMS simplifies the tedious Recruitment and On-boarding function by automating the candidate selection process and building a pipeline of qualified prospective candidates.


Core HR

Employee database and details forms the core around which all other modules are tied to.



Administrative HR is now simple and streamlined. The Workforce module encompasses a diverse set of Human Capital Management Software tool and features that automate day to day HR Management effortlessly.


Payroll Management

KOKA HRMS award winning Payroll module is the most sought after solution from the KOKA HRMS basket. Expertise in Payroll solutions and HR Statute take this module to a whole new leave.


Talent Management

KOKA HRMS Talent module facilitates employee career management thereby enabling retention of key resources in the organization.


Learning & Development Solutions

KOKA HRMS Learning and Development module identifies skill gaps in employees and provides opportunities for learning programmes.

HR for All

KOKA HRM provides a world-class HRIS experience and offers everything you and your team needs to be that HR hero you know that you are.

Whether you are trying to track PTO or hold performance reviews, you get all of the tools you need to shine. Thousands of businesses around the world are benefitting from KOKA HRMS as their HR Management software.

People Management

Between managing the fires around your business or having to track all of that paperwork, HR can be a really demanding career. With people management you get everything that you and your team needs to succeed.

You’ll be able to unlock things like reporting, Org Chart, employee data, and so much more. Click below on one of the areas to get into the weeds of what is available.



Developing people is what gets you out of bed each morning, brings the pep in your step, drives not only you but those you work with. Your company thrives when your people care about your customer. Your culture thrives when your employees know they are cared for by you.

Managing things like performance, development, and training, gives you the power to make a change with your team. One that you can track overtime and know who is struggling and who is thriving. Start looking at the tools that are available to you.


Talent Management

If the culture of a business is considered the Queen’s royal jewels, then the recruiting team is the guards defending them. They are the ones having to not only provide a great experience with a candidate but also do all of the screening, writing the job descriptions, working with managers on the qualifications, and the list goes on.

They need to be armed with one of the best Applicant Tracking Systems and also be able to create a world class automated onboarding experience for these new hires. Look below to see what is there..