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Software Development

Nothing can be delivered, without 100%.


ECRM solution for growing businesses and enterprises that is end-to-end and fully customized.


For the best results, automate your business sales process.


Accounting CRM connects company development.

Chat Box

It turns your website into a lead generation machine to capture more leads.


Today, CRM system can assist your company.


Ticketing System manage all support conversations in one place.

Management Software

Cloud data storage with automated report. KOT, Table wise and Non Table wise billing, Inventory Management, Production Planning with Mobile App.

Fitness Centre
Billing Software

Customer Appointment, Remainders, Membership, billing, Purchase, Petty cash Expenses.

Pet Clinic
Management Software

Pet Clinic Management software is the tool that helps to deal with the day-to-day operations like boarding, Treatment, Billing.

Mobile Shop
Billing Software

GST Billing software for mobile shop, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Imei Tracking Accounts, GST Filing, Barcoding.

Billing Software

Generation of Sales billing, purchasing, discount coupon, inventory, Customer and supplier account management possible in free optical shop software.

Salon & Spa
Billing Software

Manage your Clients, Staff, Expenses, Inventory, Appointment, many more! Massage Center software.

KOKA Books, is the powerful financial platform for your businesses. Cloud based Software for your businesses. Data security, access from any device like mobile phone, tablet, Laptop & Deskop

Ticket Field Suggester

Automatically suggest ticket fields to categorize, prioritize and route incoming tickets.

Custom Ticket Status

Create custom statuses that suit your workflow to identify what stage a ticket is in.

SLA Management

Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different business hours or categories.

Team Inbox

Track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels with one inbox.


Automate. Customize. Prioritize. Our ticketing software helps you accomplish everything you need to do to resolve the day-to-day IT tickets faster than ever.


We are the leading Hostel & hotel booking Software company in india that offers top-rate software development services due to our vast Experience.

Hostel Booking Software

Using the best hostel management software, you can streamline your daily responsibilities. The drag-and-drop calendar makes it simple to keep track of reservations.

Hotel Room Booking

A Complete Solution For Hotels, Motels, Clubs, Lodges, Guest Houses, Resorts. Affordable price, support turnaround time, easy to setup and use.


Nothing can be delivered, without 100%.

Sales CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a system that aims to improve the relationship with existing customers, find new prospective customers & win former customers.

HR Management Software

Human resources software is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, time and attendance, employee performance management, and tracking competency and training records.

Hospital Management Software

Cost-efficient quality services, comprehensive features, and compliance reliability are three core aspects that constitute the best hospital management software.

School Management Software

K2 Student information system offers you anytime, anywhere access, ensure smooth functioning of the academic process. K2 effectively manages your day to day administrative activity like managing grades, student attendance, Exam & Result, Employee & Payroll, Fees & Account, Certificates, Front office, Transportation, Hostel, Library, Canteen etc.

Our Mission

Nothing can be delivered, without 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Professional billing and invoicing software are used to create personalized invoices for businesses. These invoices help reflect the brand’s identity and cater to the brand’s message to clients. Using KOKA as professional billing app, you can stand out among competitors with appealing invoice design. Further, you can track down paid and unpaid invoices and send payment reminders to the customers directly from the app.

  • KOKA billing software is the best tool for small business owners who need help managing their finances and accounts. Using our billing tool, you can save a lot of time and efforts in creating an invoice for every customer.

  • Although invoices and bills both outline how much money a customer owes to a business, they differ in some ways. An invoice must contain an invoice number, which is not mandatory in caseof a bill. The invoice includes details about everything included in a product or service, while a bill can have little information to get an overview of a transaction.

  • Billing, in general, is categorized as:
    1. Order-based billing: It is used for bills with a fixed scope of work or a fixed number of items to be delivered.
    2. Delivery-based billing: It is used for bills that include an estimate of the cost involved as per the customer’s requirements.

  • Here are some essential features of billing software.
    1. Creating quotations and estimates
    2. Managing inventory and stock
    3. Converting quotes to invoices
    4. Setting alerts and reminders
    5. Compatibility with mobile devices