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Online GST accounting software,
built for your business.

KOKA Books is online accounting software that manages your finances, keeps you
GST compliant, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively
across departments.

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Accounting & GST Billing Software

Accounting Made Easy. Analyze Business Reports. Manage Your Inventory using KOKA Books. Faster billing with Counter system in KOKA Books Mobile App! Easy inventory management.

End-to-end accounting

Right from negotiating deals to raising sales orders and invoicing, KOKA Books handles mundane accounting tasks so you can focus on your business.

GST compliance

Create GST invoices, know your tax liability, and file your tax returns directly. KOKA Books keeps your business GST compliant.

Integrated platform

As your business grows, add more of KOKA 20+ apps to help you manage and run every aspect of your business from wherever you are.

Cloud Based

Easily access your POS software in anywhere and any system. Reports, Stock Management, Purchase, e.t.c.,



Sale Management

Our billing software helps in managing sales better and increases overall efficiency. Now manage from NonGST / GST invoices to multi-rate invoices, credit sales to cash sales, sales commission to multi-size invoices at a click.


Purchase Management

KOKA Billing Software helps in managing stock purchase and supplier accounts. Now manage from purchase bills to purchase returns, supplier ledgers to payments, purchase analysis to stock analysis at a click.


Goods and Service Tax

Our billing software is 100% GST compatible and generate various types of GSTR reports like GSTR-1, GSTR-3B and compatible reports for auditor. Supports multi-rate invoices and purchase bills.


Inventory Management

KOKA Billing Software helps in keeping tab on inventory and informs about low stock, availability, items not selling, fast moving items and cost profit analysis. Multiple inventory reports for taking informed decisions.


Client Management

Our billing software brings everything related to a client on single dashboard where you can set credit limit, generate payment receipts, adjust accounts, generate invoices, set cheque alerts, and many more.


Staff Management

KOKA Billing Software comes with India's most advanced staff management module having built-in fingerprint / biometric based fully automated attendance system. Generate salary based on attendance and sales commissions. Manual attendance also supported.


Multi-size Invoices

Our billing software supports multiple types of invoice print sizes like A4, A5, and PoS receipts. Our Dual Channel Priting Engine allows to generate invoices at the rate 2 per second (with preview) and 10 per second (without preview).


Barcode Read / Write

KOKA Billing Software is capable of generating barcode in multiple sizes and generated barcodes can be auto-saved. All plug n play barcode scanners are supported for faster billing. Our advanced alogrithms can automatically detect most of the scanners.


SMS / Email

Our billing software comes with built-in advanced SMS Server (Queue Enabled) having burst rate up to 50 SMS per second. Most of the SMS API's and Email Gateway's are supported.


Point of Sale Support

KOKA Billing Software supports most the PoS printers available in market and receipts can be generated in 2 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 inch. sizes. Our advanced algorithms can generate PoS invoice at the rate of up to 45 receipts per minute.


Data Management

Our billing software comes with advanced data management tools which keeps your data secure and can take backup automatically (2 backup locations supported). Now no need to remember about taking backups.


Android App

KOKA Billing Software allows you to keep tab on your business activities while on the move using our Android App. Get monthly and daily sales, payments, purchase, expense, and staff attendance figures on your smartphone.

Why do businesses choose KOKA Billing to manage Retail business?

Make GST Bills & Share with your Customers

A professional invoice stands for a brand's identity. By using KOKA billing software, you can create GST bills that comply with the goods and service tax law of India. You can quickly create a GST bills in online and offline modes in a few steps. Using KOKA billing software with GST, small businesses can keep their accounts and books updated.

Check Inventory Instantly

The KOKA billing & invoicing software comes with a highly effective inventory management system that helps you track down the items in the tiniest details. By using our inventory tracking software, you can track complete inventory with parameters like batch number, expiry date, manufacturing date, slot number, and all other details by listing them as soon as they arrive. It ensures that all the items you need in the store remain available when required. Using KOKA free billing software, you can check the live status of your inventory, set up alerts for new orders and get detailed information about the same anytime. Our inventory management app allows you to perform all inventory tracking tasks peacefully.

Remind to Recover Payments

KOKA software helps small businesses maintain cash flow by assisting them in keeping track of payments. Using the free GST Billing app, you can set up payment reminders to alert your customers to make payment before the due date. You can send them the payment reminders through Whatsapp, SMS, email, etc. The free billing software allows you to use the digital payment options for faster recovery of due payments.

GST filing made simpler and faster

GST filing is no longer a long process for KOKA software users. If GST applies to your business, you can quickly generate all GST reports using the KOKA app like GSTR1, GSTR2,GSTR3, GSTR4, and GSTR9. It will help you avoid penalties by complaining to the relevant goods and service tax law for your business. Using the GST filing app is beneficial, especially when you are not able to hire an extra permanent employee to take good care of your accounting requirements.

Food Delivery Mobile App

Customer App for Android & iOS

Send your customers a digital receipt through SMS. This is a go green alternative to printing receipts. Also, the contacts get automatically added to your CRM.

Delivery App for Android & iOS

Give your delivery agents the ability to deliver food in a timely manner with safety and efficiency.

Vendor App for Android & iOS

The Streamlined vendor Panel allows the shop owner to carry out lightning quick services complete with full functionality.

Admin Panel

The Admin Dashboard allows the admin to stay on top of the game with everything they need brought straight to their finger tips.


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Our Specialties

  • A Strong customer support team is available 24x7/365 days to avoid any delay in clearing the issues. A dedicated executive will be assigned for a quick and efficient troubleshooting. We at SMVSS are bound to provide a prompt and quality customer service for our customers.

  • Automation and intelligent alert system of the KOKA POS software allows a versatile control over the stock availability, maintenance and demand predictions. Transfer management nodule aids in maintaining a healthy stock quantity and transfer stocks from over stocked branches to under stocked branches.

  • KOKA POS software synchronizes physical and online inventory in real time as customers make purchases. B2B integration with suppliers and C2B integration with customers are added benefits to ease the complications in handling huge data.

  • Access reports from anywhere on any device as the cloud based reporting system eliminates the need to be physically present for reviewing various report data. Real time cloud synchronization provides report availability at your fingertips in no time.

  • Different modules of the KOKA POS software work in conjunction with one other as a system to provide a user friendly and seamless experience that requires very minimal to no training to use it effectively. Analyzing and reporting various data needs no effort. Interpretation of data are direct that enables the user for an integrated business planning.

  • KOKA POS software continuously updates all the data regarding transactions, sales, customers and others to central database, enabling the access of the information as they happen. Centralized interface allows accessing real time customer database.