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Complete access to your restaurant business through a simplified platform.

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Restaurants & Bar

Cloud Kitchen Software with POS, Inventory, Online Ordering, Payment, Delivery Integration. Advanced Digital Menu for Restaurants with QR Code Contactless Ordering & Payment.

Manage table orders easily.

Easily manage table orders, takeaways and delivery. You can also quickly generate Kitchen Order Tickers (KOTs) by enabling your waiter to take order on a mobile app.

Smarter kitchen management.

You can either print KOTs, or use the KOKA POS Kitchen Display System (KDS). The KDS can speed up preparation by suggesting items that can be prepared together.

Inventory and receipe management.

KOKA POS inventory management system is simple to use and helps track pilferage and losses. You can also setup recipe and track ingredient consumption.

Cloud Based

Easily access your POS software in anywhere and any system. Reports, Stock Management, Purchase, e.t.c.,



Stock & Inventory




Table Management


Kitchen Order Table (KOT)


Works Offline


Cashiers & Managers


Dashboard & Reports


API Integration


Petty Expenses


Multiple Outlets




Cloud POS

Why do businesses choose KOKA ERP to manage Restaurant business?

Crisp and quick billing.

Simplicity and speed are our top priorities. We wanted to make sure that you can manage your outlet easily, and hardly spend any time to train your staff.

Manage your business from anywhere.

Manage your outlet’s setup and prices remotely. With the SlickPOS Analytics app, track sales, products and customer metrics in realtime from anywhere.

Integrate online orders.

Integrate with online ordering channels like Zomato and Swiggy to manage online orders from the POS. You can also sync item details, enable or disable items in these channels right from your POS.

Manage table and kitchen orders.

If you run a dine in restaurant, you can setup and manage table orders. You can also send orders directly to kitchen using network KOT printers. Use our Waiter app & Kitchen Display System to easily manage orders.

Inventory and Recipe Management

You can create multiple inventories and manage recipes. Get stock alerts, do transfers and track wastage. The consumption report helps in identifying pilferage and incorrect recipe implementation.

Go green with paperless billing.

Send your customers a digital receipt through SMS. This is a go green alternative to printing receipts. Also, the contacts get automatically added to your CRM.

Food Delivery Mobile App

Customer App for Android & iOS

Send your customers a digital receipt through SMS. This is a go green alternative to printing receipts. Also, the contacts get automatically added to your CRM.

Delivery App for Android & iOS

Give your delivery agents the ability to deliver food in a timely manner with safety and efficiency.

Vendor App for Android & iOS

The Streamlined vendor Panel allows the shop owner to carry out lightning quick services complete with full functionality.

Admin Panel

The Admin Dashboard allows the admin to stay on top of the game with everything they need brought straight to their finger tips.