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ERP Software Development Services

Our developers ensure that the technology is aligned with your business objectives despite the size and nature of your organization.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising of manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. With the help of these solutions, a typical ERP software integrates the data and processes of an organization into a single unified system.

We at Koka Technlogy offer the best ERP software solutions helpful in manufacturing and trading companies in SME sector for assimilation and automation of the business proceedings. With easy and timely accessibility of information it’s easier to enhance the growth and efficiency of an organization. With years of industry experience and technical expertise we design ERP software that best meets the requirements of many businesses. With our ERP software we help organizations in streamlining their processes and improve profit margins. At the same time also allow organizations to keep pace with ever-changing technology.

Customized ERP Applications

Now managing your sales team is a lot easier by seamlessly implementing robust and target-driven ERP systems developed by skilled and experienced developers we have at KOKA TECHNOLOGY.
Get powerful and scalable product management application development solution with us at KOKA TECHNOLOGY. With us you get seamless product management, quality testing as well as get rid of the manual errors in product management process.
It’s vital to manage the supply chain for every business and in that regard streamlining technological assistances from ERP based applications are necessary. By implementing ERP solutions you can make supply chain management process error-free.
Customers are of the utmost priority for any business as the business generates its revenues from them. At KOKA TECHNOLOGY we allow the development of seamless ERP platforms to endow better customer servicing experiences.
Human resource is the most significant nowadays with it being the most vital business asset and it’s required by all professional business units. The ERP solutions we offer consist of human capital management, which allow the management of your workforce with more precision.
The most important aspect of ERP application development is to streamline the process of financial management. This is necessary to plan business objectives, achievements and new product or service launches.
Service Management Solutions are greatly helpful. It tracks and manages the performance of your service and maintenance organization in an efficient manner. With us you can create a full-connected service organization driving values across the whole of your enterprise.
We offer amazing deployed process mechanism helpful to build resourceful ERP solutions. Best techniques are integrated to allow ideal project management solutions across various propositions of Enterprise Resource Planning.
ERP software Integration improves productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes.

Why ERP Software is Crucial for Your Business?


Eliminating repetitive processes, ERP is helpful in reducing the requirement to manually enter information. This way the system streamlines business processes making it easier to collect data.


When you use an ERP system you get high-quality customer service, it’s a lot easier for sales and customer service people to interact with customers thus improving relationships with them.


You don’t require to distribute data throughout numerous of separate databases and you will find all the information located in a single location. This way the data is consistent as well as up-to-date.


With a new system you get better accuracy, consistency and data security. This way you can even improve the restrictions to data.


With enhanced reporting capabilities it’s easy for your company to respond to intricate data requests a lot easily. The users are allowed to execute their own reports sans the need to rely on help from IT.


Yes reduced operating costs is among the most immediate benefits of implementing an ERP, such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs and lower marketing costs.


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Our Custom ERP Solutions

Human Resources Management

Our engineers have a proven track record in building human resources management solutions that provide the ability to fully automate the activities related to the human resources administration and measure business process performance and key performance indicators (KPI).

Document Management Systems

We have enormous experience in creating custom Document Management Systems (DMS) that help to organize document workflow, manage tasks and track documentation status. SCAND development team also creates mobile document management software that could be utilized by small, medium and large enterprises.

Business Process Management Systems

ERP software engineers have sufficient expertise in developing BPM and KPI assessment systems that enable to achieve the objectives of strategic planning, manage business process and monitor staff performance.

Supply Chain Management

KOKA TECHNOLOGY offers supply chain management software development solutions that allow tracking suppliers, product and service orders, invoice processing, contract management and many more. Review our recent procurement management and courier services systems developed for our clients.

Inventory Management

SCAND provides its customers with inventory management solutions that help businesses to manage all their finances, logistics, operations, and inventory in one place. We create web, mobile and cross-platform apps for tracking inventory through RFID and barcode/QR code scanning.  

Facility Management Software

KOKA TECHNOLOGY engineering team develops facility management applications that provide effective control over requests, complaints or reported issues, incidents, work orders, reservations, visitor registration, car fleet management.

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